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Organic Food

Everything you need to know about  buying organic foods in Nepal 


What are organic foods?

Depending on the type of consumer, different people have different perceptions and understandings of organic products. People in the business world assume that a product would be organic if the maker avoids using chemical pesticides. Government representatives and NGO/INGO workers believe that items are organic if chemicals (fertilisers and pesticides) are completely absent in them, however farm yard manure (FYM) and compost could be used.  

The prime concept is Organically produced stuff that is grown and produced naturally using local resources are called Organic Foods. Foods that grow and complete their life cycle without the use of chemicals are considered organic. Pesticides, preservatives, and fertilisers should not be used before or after harvest on anything that bears the organic designation.

Various healthy lifestyles are becoming more and more popular among people who like to maintain the health of their biological machinery. This brings up the topic of organic foods and the adoption of a balanced diet for supplying the body with fuel. It goes without saying that the health advantages of organic foods will outweigh those of mass-produced commodities.

Benefits of Consuming Organic Foods

  • Improvement in the Health Condition: Adopting a healthy eating routine is done in the hopes of having a healthier body. By consuming organic foods, you can stop worrying about outside chemicals affecting your biological purity. In order to produce healthier and safer food, organic farming practices include crop rotation for insect control and the use of green manure for fertilising.
  • A Healthy Heart: There are more organic foods to take into account besides leafy greens and vegetables. The meat we eat should adhere to the rules even if it has the organic certification. When animals eat organic grass, we are able to extract more CLA from them. Heart-healthy fatty acids called conjugated linoleic acids, or CLA, are prevalent in animal products from pasture-raised, free-range animals. The sun's energy is absorbed by the animals that consume the organic grass, and it is subsequently converted into organic CLA.
  • Loads of Antioxidants: Antioxidants are a term that is familiar to anybody who follows the nutritional aspect of healthy living. These are the organic substances our food naturally contains that counteract the free radicals in our body. According to studies, people who eat a diet high in organic foods get enough antioxidants into their bodies while consuming relatively little heavy metal. Low risks of cancer, resistance to ageing, and less vision issues are a few advantages of maintaining antioxidant levels in the body.
  • Antibiotics Resistance: In order to protect our bodies from various viruses and germs, we take medications such as antibiotics, vaccines, and other pharmaceuticals. To reduce the loss, people who work in the animal husbandry industry subject their animals to vaccinations, antibiotics, growth hormones, and animal byproducts.

These were some of the most notable aspects of the organic food revolution. Do you believe spending money and attention on organic foods is worthwhile? Let's face it, these items are pricey, and spending money on better veggies might not seem attractive in a world full of distractions. However, anything excellent requires work and time.

Where to buy Organic Foods in Nepal?

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By creating a group of conscientious and enthusiastic stakeholders (companies, producers, bakers, farmers, and consumers) that are committed to the holistic welfare of oneself, communities, and nature, we hope to offer healthy food options and promote healthy living.

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Selling Organic Foods in Nepal: Challenges

  • One of the biggest obstacles for producers and distributors of organic food and safe food in Nepal has been the absence of adequate infrastructure for storage and transportation of goods. The business community wants the government to take action by increasing investment in storage and transportation infrastructure. In addition, there are other issues as well.
  • Since "there is no certification procedure to label the products as organic," producers in Nepal are unable to manufacture organic farm products on a consistent basis.
  • In a similar manner, finding safe food in Nepal is quite tough.